Get to know Angklung, the Original Sundanese Traditional Musical Instrument

Angklung, this traditional Sundanese musical instrument is one inheritance that must be maintained. Originally from Kuningan, this musical instrument made of bamboo is an Indonesian cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO.

Don’t know it you can’t love it. To love this precious heritage, let us know more about angklung. Many unique facts that you don't know about angklung so far, and everything will be discussed here

History of Angklung
There is no record of exactly when the angklung was made. But history records that in the 12th century, this instrument began to be used, namely during the Sunda Kingdom.

This tool is believed to be the caller of Dewi Sri to provide fertility to agricultural land. Usually, angklung is made of black bamboo and bamboo with various types of sizes that produce different tones.

After that, angklung developed into several types. One of them is the musical tone of angklung by Daeng Sutigna, a resident of Citangtu, Kuningan who was the first person to create an angklung diatonic musical tone. Thanks to Daeng Sutigna, angklung can play various types of music, both traditional and modern.
And also because of that, Kuningan Regency is now called Angklung Regency and has been established since 2010.

Angklung Types
Angklung has more than one type. Starting from Angklung Kanekes played by the Baduy tribe, Angklung Reyog played in Ponorogo, Angklung Banyuwangi, Angklung Bali, Angklung Dogdog Lojor, Angklung Gubrak played by people in Bogor, Angklung Badeng played by people - Garut people, Angklung Buncis played by Bandung people, Angklung Padaeng which is typical of Kuningan, Angklung Toel, Angklung Sri Murni and Angklung Sarinade in round shape.

How to Play Angklung


Unlike angklung, his distinctive voice is also different. Likewise with playing techniques, vibrated in different ways, the tone will be different.
The most widely used technique for playing angklung is Karulung, which is to shake it left and right.
 The second way is to check, aka jerk it. And the Tangkep technique, which is similar to Karulung, but there is one tube that is held in order not to vibrate

Angklung Kuningan Festival
There are many angklung festivals that have been held in West Java and Banten, as well as several other areas. But what will soon be held is the Kuningan Angklung Festival, which will be held on August 17, 2018.
Kuningan has repeatedly held angklung festivals and is always crowded with visitors. Not only from Kuningan area itself, but also from other regions who want to see firsthand the grand event of this traditional musical instrument.
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